Universities should probably have correct info on their websites…

Well hello there new layout. (And yes, that’s my beloved Minneapolis in the header there.)

So this week I decided to double check on all my potential graduate schools and make sure that there are no prerequsite course requirements that aren’t listed. Good thinking, right?

I got an email back from the program chair at Michigan State that said “We do not have any specific course requirements, however we do have experiential requirements. We are looking for certified medical technologists with at least 3 years of experience.” Shigga-wha?! That’s not what I was told last summer when I first contacted MSU! So I emailed the chair back and attached the previous email I had gotten when I first asked if the program was an entry-level master’s. I was then informed that whichever office assistant had orginally written to me was sadly mistaken. So scratch one grad school off the list. (BTW, Michigan State, your program website says absolutely NOTHING about this. Maybe that’s why you get applications thinking your program is a route to certification….) grrrr

I then turned to my good friend Google, hoping I could dig up a few more entry level masters programs. I also started searching for certificate programs, which would allow me to take the national exam but does not give me another degree. What I found excited me greatly.

Ohio State (oh, sorry, THE Ohio State) has both a certificate program AND an entry-level master’s program!!!! *giggles* What you do is apply to the certificate program, and after completing your first year you may apply to the graduate program. So this is very exciting. I am positively enthralled by the idea of going to another Big Ten school, and as I stated last post, being back in the Midwest is my #1 goal. Now all I need to do is continue to get my applications ready and (at least for tOSU), figure out how I’m going to take a statistics class. I wonder if OCC (Onondaga Community College) offers online courses… (They do. I just checked. Not sure if I really have $1000 though. Perhaps I can save for it and take it next spring.)

Anyway, so my list of schools is finalized. I found another entry-level master’s program at UMass-Lowell, and I also found two certificate programs, one at Florida Gulf Coast University (Ft. Meyers, FL) and one at George Washington University (Washington DC.) The one at GWU is especially neat in that it can be done online as long as there is a clinical site near you. I guess if I ended up doing that one I would probably stay in Syracuse until I finished it. (Ugh…more time here?) I don’t think I’d move to Florida for just a year and a half…but as I have limited options I need to try as many places as possible.

On the grad school note, yesterday I pulled out my GRE book and went through some of the math review. I’ve always been good at math but I haven’t taken algebra since 10th grade. I did quite well on the math portion of my first practice test, but I still wanted to do some brushing up. It would of course help if my GRE book didn’t sometimes give answers to problems that are similar but NOT THE SAME to the one they asked. Really McGraw-Hill? Really? (Update 6:22 pm: For example, today there was a problem asking about the area of a fence surrounding a pool, where the fence was 4 feet away from the edge of the pool at all times. Pretty easy problem, given the diameter of said circular pool. My book gave the answer for a 2-foot difference between the edge of the pool and the fence. Two and four are DIFFERENT, silly GRE book.)

In other news, we got patio furniture today! Two of those fold-up camping/tailgating chairs and a small table. Now I can eat and study on our balcony! Yay for usable space!

In other other news, I (okay, my boyfriend) discovered a great Syracuse food review blog called Pulled Into Syracuse. I will now be using this to review any place we decide to go, or to find restaurants that have a specific kind of food. Like the other day when I was SERIOUSLY craving Burrito Loco’s popcorn. I miss that bar….


About evolutionofascientist

I'm a 2009 graduate of the University of Minnesota. I majored in genetics, cell biology, and development. I'm currently living in Syracuse, NY and hoping to start grad school in the fall of 2011.
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