Yup, that’s me singing. Don’t you love it?! If not, you are lucky you don’t work or live with me. I sing ALL. THE. TIME. Things like (to the tune of Heart and Soul) “agarose agarose ag ag a-agarose” or (this one to a conga line) “sucrose sucrose su-CROSE sucrose sucrose su-CROSE.” Cara also says I make everything sound like a superhero….so she always adds “to the rescue?” after I say something like that…

Anywho. A couple people have told me that the name of my blog turns them off, and I have begun to think that it’s a bit too…pretentious…for me. I’m the girl who sings at work all the time. The girl whose new favorite blog is “Hyperbole and a Half” (clean ALL the things?), and the girl who doesn’t care who’s watching her dance. 🙂 I’m not some stuffy jerk in a lab coat.

So I was trying to think of a new name, and two phrases came to me, that I say fairly often. One-“with bells on” and two- “my train of thought just derailed.” I thought the latter sounded better for a blog…but I still like the first one a lot.

Anyway, so same URL (you got here, didn’t you?) but new name.


About evolutionofascientist

I'm a 2009 graduate of the University of Minnesota. I majored in genetics, cell biology, and development. I'm currently living in Syracuse, NY and hoping to start grad school in the fall of 2011.
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