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Universities should probably have correct info on their websites…

Well hello there new layout. (And yes, that’s my beloved Minneapolis in the header there.) So this week I decided to double check on all my potential graduate schools and make sure that there are no prerequsite course requirements that … Continue reading

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My problem is not that I don’t know what to do with my life…

It’s that I don’t know how to get there. It’s also that I want to do everything. *sigh* Here’s what we know: 1) I do NOT want a career in academia. My boss, who is kind of a big deal, … Continue reading

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I’m a Total Bio Nerd

….and this blog makes me giggle. Not So Humble Pie is my new favorite blog (other than my own, of course.) And since I work in a Drosophila lab…these cookies made me shriek with delight. See more on BoingBoing (one … Continue reading

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More Reasons Stem Cells Rock

Anyway, researchers led by Dr. Yoram Cohen at Tel Aviv University in Israel have discovered that stem cells derived from bone marrow cells can migrate to diseased areas of the brain, and potentially repair them or halt cell degeneration. Continue reading

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Missing Link Found?

Researchers in Germany have found “Ida”, a small primate that might just be the common ancestor of lemurs and humans. So what does this mean? Well, those who have studied evolution know that an evolutionary tree is made of branches … Continue reading

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