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Yup, that’s me singing. Don’t you love it?! If not, you are lucky you don’t work or live with me. I sing ALL. THE. TIME. Things like (to the tune of Heart and Soul) “agarose agarose ag ag a-agarose” or … Continue reading

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Universities should probably have correct info on their websites…

Well hello there new layout. (And yes, that’s my beloved Minneapolis in the header there.) So this week I decided to double check on all my potential graduate schools and make sure that there are no prerequsite course requirements that … Continue reading

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I’m a Total Bio Nerd

….and this blog makes me giggle. Not So Humble Pie is my new favorite blog (other than my own, of course.) And since I work in a Drosophila lab…these cookies made me shriek with delight. See more on BoingBoing (one … Continue reading

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UCLA Researchers: Stem Cells Kill HIV

In a spectacular breakthrough for science, UCLA researchers have demonstrated that stem cells can be engineered into essentially a genetic vaccine. !!!!!!! <—– is how excited I am about this Now, this does not by any stretch of the imagination … Continue reading

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Life Update

Hi everybody! Last week Tuesday I had an interview for a research tech position at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. I was offered the position and accepted! I’m very excited about moving but it’s also stressing me out (as … Continue reading

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New Targets for HIV Drugs

Researchers in Florida believe they have found a potential new target for HIV drugs. Instead of targeting CD4+ T-helper cells, these researchers think the best target would be macrophages. In this study, the team found that in diseased cells (such … Continue reading

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