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I’m a Total Bio Nerd

….and this blog makes me giggle. Not So Humble Pie is my new favorite blog (other than my own, of course.) And since I work in a Drosophila lab…these cookies made me shriek with delight. See more on BoingBoing (one … Continue reading

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UCLA Researchers: Stem Cells Kill HIV

In a spectacular breakthrough for science, UCLA researchers have demonstrated that stem cells can be engineered into essentially a genetic vaccine. !!!!!!! <—– is how excited I am about this Now, this does not by any stretch of the imagination … Continue reading

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Life Update

Hi everybody! Last week Tuesday I had an interview for a research tech position at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. I was offered the position and accepted! I’m very excited about moving but it’s also stressing me out (as … Continue reading

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New Targets for HIV Drugs

Researchers in Florida believe they have found a potential new target for HIV drugs. Instead of targeting CD4+ T-helper cells, these researchers think the best target would be macrophages. In this study, the team found that in diseased cells (such … Continue reading

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Missing Link Found?

Researchers in Germany have found “Ida”, a small primate that might just be the common ancestor of lemurs and humans. So what does this mean? Well, those who have studied evolution know that an evolutionary tree is made of branches … Continue reading

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Minnesota FTW!

As you might have figured out by now, I adore my university, and I like to brag when exciting research comes out of it. You also know that I am extremely interested in cancer biology, and today’s news bite encompasses … Continue reading

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Biology News 5/4/09

Some news articles for today. I like to think of it as celebrating my last week of classes as an undergrad!!! Swine Flu Updates I certainly hope none of you are freaking out about the “swine flu”, unless of course … Continue reading

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